Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives, the cumulative experience of many masters of craftsmanship. Quality also marks the search for an ideal after necessity has been satisfied and mere usefulness achieved.
-John Ruskin


Our doors are open to all.

We help professionals such as architects, designers, contractors as well as homeowners and those looking for that special piece to make their home their own.
Applied Woodcraft is located in Charleston and offers its services along the coast and inland. This city's rich and historic past, with its living and ongoing heritage, produces and demands a special creativity that operates within, and develops alongside Charleston's story, materials and environments


At Your Service

The Best Materials

We stake our reputation on delivering the best product that will show and last for years. We only use the best materials and finishes to meet our customer's needs.

Big and Small

Projects come in all sizes and little touches make a big difference. We are interested in hearing from you regarding even the smallest of requests.

Good Plan, Good Outcome

A thoughtful approach and well laid out plan yield the best result. If the company you task for your project is engaged in that process, it allows you to be deeply involved as well and control the outcome.

Time is important

When you are doing what you love, you tend to do it a lot. This fact, coupled with our size helps us to maintain short delivery times for projects with more attention to the details.

What We Do.

Architectural Features



Repurposed Projects

Clandestine Storage

Murphey Beds


Custom Trim and Installation

Wine Cellars

Bed Sets




CNC Routing

CNC Laser

Drawing and CAD

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